03: College Dropout Creates Valuable Content & Online Funnels to Scale to $20k/month at age 23 with Kory Kahley


In This Episode, we talk about:

  • How Kory went from network marketing to full on entrepreneurship
  • Why Kory ultimately dropped out of college (You won’t believe who inspired him to do it)
  • What Kory does for his clients
  • Most effective strategy to attract digital marketing clients
  • His embarrassing first cold call and what he learned from it
  • & MUCH more


Favorite Book: Slip Stream Time Hacking by Benjamin P. Hardy

1 piece of advice he wishes he was told when starting his journey: Perception is Reality

#1 Goal in the next 12 months: Retire his parents

Last Piece of Advice: Stop Procrastinating

Best Way to Follow Kory’s Journey: www.KoryKahley.com

About your host, Zach

What's going on guys! Zach here! Thanks so much for checking out the site and my podcast. I put a lot of hard work and dedication into this show to make it as valuable to you as possible. That being said, if you have any suggestions for improvements or even just want to say hi, PLEASE reach out via email or social media. I'd love to connect!

Stay Zesty!

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  1. Diane Mason on 09/21/2017 at 10:24 PM

    Love the interview Zach! It’s nice seeing regular people who have followed their dreams succeed in life! Because EVERYONE should be able to travel the World or work from their balcony in Hawaii -Living Life & doing both…. LOL.

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