29: Behind the Scenes of a Full Time Freelance Writer with Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg

Eric is a freelance writer and runs personal finance blog and podcast called Personal Profitability. He’s a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses, a dad of 2 little girls and when he’s not working he’s a private pilot, occasional DJ, loves all things computer, technology and travel.

In This Episode, we talk about:

  • What inspired Eric to start Personal Profitability
  • How Eric went from a senior financial analyst to full time freelance writer
  • How freelancers get paid
  • Making the most out of live conferences
  • Importance of Sales
  • & much more!


1 piece of advice he wishes he was told when he started his journey: “Treat yourself like a professional and always be on the lookout for more opportunities

Favorite Business Book:

#1 Goal in the next 12 months: Launch some SAAS products

Best Way to Follow his Journey:



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